Amigos needs help from the community.

The Amigos family is proud to have managed through what continues to be a very challenging funding environment.  We thank you for your continued dedication and contributions to Amigos.  Your benevolence has allowed Amigos to provide high quality food and other necessities, including store certificates, to clients who live below the poverty level.  You have also kept our holistic treatment open for clients who require these services for their survival.  You have made a difference in their lives, and I hope you understand why I count on you for your continued support.  Please keep on giving!

Perhaps in giving, you would like to consider joining the Amigos Circle" which enables you to make monthly contributions of any sum that you’re comfortable giving—be it $10 or $100 a month. 

Join "Amigos Circle" in two ways:

  • Go to "Join Amigos Circle" to sign up today to use a credit card.
  • Or, if you prefer to send monthly checks, please make them payable to "Amigos" and forward them to "Alma L. Martinez, 555 Esplnanade # 419, Redondo Beack, CA 90277."

Predictable monthly funding will greatly enhance Amigos’ ability to limit grocery stock shortages and ensure clients are given store certificates.   Clie nts who require holistic treatment will know that this life-saving service will continue without interruption. 

Together, we will continue to make a difference.  

Peace and goodness,

Alma L. Martinez



Amigos takes a holistic approach for the treatment of HIV and AIDS, addressing issues such as language barriers, lack of education, and limited resources.

   Our mission is twofold:

  1. To prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS through aggressive outreach and education in the community, and
  2. To enhance the lives of persons living with this disease.

Amigos unites with community churches, schools, health centers, and other interested groups to identify needs and to develop a plan of action to meet those needs.

As our name implies, Amigos offers acceptance and sensitivity to the special needs of our members in a non-intrusive environment.


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